Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here's the posting you requested, Devon!

Check out my new canopy and windscreen!!! Of course, it still needs to be trimmed and all that - it'll be several years before I get to that point. I still need to build a frame for it, and I will try and redesign the attachments so it will be a rearward sliding canopy. Note my new canopy (made by Thermaltech of Grass Valley) is a 3/8" thick plexiglass and has a protective coating all over it causing the dull appearance. The protective coating is of a cosistency similar to that of hardened rubber cement. The coating just peels off when it is time for the canopy to be put into service, after installation.
Here I am just messing around, positioned approximately where the rear seat would be. There's pretty good amount of headroom for a little guy like me, but I could see how a fat-head would be a bit tight and potentially claustrophobic...boy, I can't wait!

And here's my son, Jhetson (Jhet), pretending he is in his space ship, just like dad is pretending he's in his aeroplane!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My first trip to OSHKOSH for the annual Airventure 2006, via 2-ship T-38 formation!

Here we are about 1 mile South of Rwy-36 coming up Initial at 350kts! There were aeroplanes and ultralights everywhere!!!

Wow! What a place - what an airshow - what a Fly-in!!! I felt like it was a fly-in, Disneyland, and a Fair all wrapped up into one big show. The only problem was the heat and humidity was, at times, oppressive! Thunderstorms, Tornadoes? Heat, Humidity, feet hurting, et-al... It was still an impressive show (to this neophite!). We even had an opportunity to meet and party with the VP & CEO of Virgin Galactic who is poised to create "Space Ship 2" for commercial, civil space flight. There may even be an opportunity to work with them as one of their pilots in the future? Only time will tell. Also met Burt Rutan, Mike & Sally Melville, Harrison Ford and a bunch of really nice folks up in Wisconsin. The Bratwurst & Cheese were great!!! I can't wait to go back to OSH again...hopefully next year? Thanks Jeff, Zonni, Yoda, Edsel, Joe, and all the Aeroshell square folks & volunteers!

Unfortunately, there were a total of 7 deaths related to getting to OSH and leaving OSH. There were 5 fatalities in 3 different crashes trying to get to OSH. One fatality during a taxi accident between an RV-6 and a TBM Avenger, and one engine failure resulting in a ditching into Lake Michigan by a American Ledgend Cub - truly unfortunate.

Click on the picture and take a closer look at the reflection on my tinted visor!
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